Our Approach

No off-the-shelf solutions
At Stratus Consulting we’re keen to build long-term collaborative relationships with you and your business. We want to understand exactly what you need so we can adapt to your culture and commitments.

Getting the results you want
We’re committed to measuring your progress, and, by making your people accountable for their own success, we ensure change lasts.

Professional project management and design
We project manage all our assignments to ensure our work is delivered effectively and on time.

This means we will:

  • Provide a single point of contact
  • Review project progress through regular formal and informal meetings
  • Work to an agreed project scope and plan and provide regular documented project status reports

Robust development and delivery processes
When working with an organisation on an assignment we use our proven OD project methodology to ensure the project achieves successful outcomes that stick.

Stratus Consulting Project Cycle

1. Launch

  • Create buy-in and trust
  • Ensure mutual understanding of how the programme/relationship will work
  • Establish required outcomes and the organisation’s KPIs

2. Diagnose

  • Uncover the issues and the current state in line with the organisation’s KPIs.Current base line data which is usually collected or reviewed at this time includes:
    • Climate and engagement survey results
    • Current HR systems documentation
    • 360 feedback
    • Company audits
    • Interviews with key stakeholders
    • Focus groups
  • This phase is usually completed with a scoping document which is agreed and signed off by the client.

3. Design

  • Based on the results of the diagnostic, a conceptual and detailed design document may be created if required.
  • Design documents are reviewed and signed off by the client before final materials / frameworks / models and processes etc are created and documented.
  • The design phase includes the design of the evaluation process for the project.
  • Final materials / frameworks / models and processes are created and documented.

4. Deliver

  • Rollout / implementation of the programme / frameworks / models which may include a limited pilot to review effectiveness and make any final changes.

5. Review

  • The programme / framework / model or process is evaluated against the agreed criteria and to evaluate whether the desired outcomes have been achieved.
  • Recommendations are made for next steps.

Stratus Consulting believe ‘what gets measured gets done’.

We strongly advise a robust review and measurement process including feedback from the business and customers where appropriate.