Team Development and Coaching at Rinnai

A Stratus Consulting case study

Summary of needs

  • The Marketing team faced a significant change in how the organisation’s products were marketed
  • There was a number of new members in the team and a new manager
  • Rinnai needed to ensure the team could deliver against the new strategy and plan

Stratus Consulting’s approach

  • Met with the team manager to identify the issues which needed to be addressed
  • Interviewed current team members about the current barriers to success, and desired state prior to a team workshop
  • Held a 2 day leadership team workshop to understand and define the team purpose, roles, and teams’ processes including their decision making, communication and meeting processes
  • A team charter was created
  • Reviewed outcomes and progress with team manager and ran a follow up team conference with wider team to cascade the outcomes and ensure all the team were enrolled in the vision and new way of working

The results

  • Shared understanding of the team’s purpose, values, and team processes as well as each other’s roles and how they could assist each other to deliver on those roles
  • A common language which enabled enhanced team working
  • Team delivered against demanding 1 year business plan

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