Leadership Development for a large retailer

A Stratus Consulting case study

Summary of needs

  • A retailer needed to grow its own leaders to deliver its strategy of growth – a tight labour market and unique orgnanisational knowledge requirements meant that it was not possible to buy in all the talent required
  • A leadership development framework and programme was needed to support the development of internally identified talent

Stratus Consulting’s approach

  • A Leadership Development framework was designed in conjunction with Executive management based on the unique challenges the retailer faced and the retailer leadership competencies
  • The Leadership Development framework included delivery of an leadership development programme for more senior leaders who were identified as High Potential and more junior leaders who were identified as Emerging Talent
  • A cascaded approach was taken with the Executive team and Brand Executives taken through a shorter programme to understand the models delivered to the leaders below and to enable them to support their development
  • Working closely with the OD manager, Stratus designed the 4 month long programmes which included individual assessment, coaching to support their development, workshops and the completion of a strategic project
  • Stratus Consulting undertook the 360 degree assessment process and created and delivered the individual development reports, put in place the coaching programme and delivered some workshop elements alongside other presenters

More information

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