Executive, Leadership & Management Development

Do you wish to review your Board’s performance and effectiveness both as individual Board members and collectively as team members on the Board?

“A board that had functioned without review for a number of years needed a process that would identify its strengths and weaknesses, both individually and collectively, and Stratus Consulting provided the process along with the insight to improve the Board’s functionality. An excellent investment with ongoing benefits.”

– Chair, Industry Training Organisation

Are you looking to develop key individual Executives?

Do you need to create a leadership model, leadership development framework and programme to ensure you have the right leadership in place to deliver your strategy and lead the organisation effectively?

Do you have key soft skills gaps in your management group that you wish to address to create a more effective leadership and management culture?

“Engaging Gabrielle for programme design for a large scale leadership development framework and programme was a positive choice as it meant that the programme was well grounded in theory and aligned to addressing the practical matters inside the organisation. The work was complex and nothing had been done in the leadership space by the organisation. She was able to clarify the areas of work that were important and critical to address for the desired leadership development outcomes to be achieved.

“In the design work, Gabrielle has provided processes, guidelines and suggestions that have been very appropriate for the organisation in terms of shifting it toward best practice and adapting current practice to take it to the next level. The guidelines especially have been very helpful in shaping behaviours.

“There have been significant shifts in thinking, and organisational decisions have been made about structure, which processes are important to make time for and the desired behaviours which need to be demonstrated as a result of Gabrielle’s involvement.”

– Helen Emmerson, Principal, Emmerson Group

If you have any of these requirements, Stratus Consulting has significant experience in these areas and is able to design and deliver tailored leadership and management development programmes which will develop authentic leadership and high performing teams and individuals to dramatically improve business and personal performance.

We have designed many training and development programmes for developing the interpersonal, management and leadership skills of senior leaders, team leaders and front line employees in organisations.