New Zealand Dairy Foods – The way we work

A Stratus Consulting case study

Summary of needs

  • NZDF was bought by private owner who wanted to maximise performance
  • The owner’s approach to driving organisational performance was robust team and individual decision making based on the facts. The CEO wanted to ensure the leadership and decision making culture aligned to the owner’s intention for how the business needed to be led to achieve the required levels of performance

Stratus Consulting’s approach

  • We interviewed the owner, CEO and others about what was important to reflect the owner’s approach to driving organisational performance and how people needed to behave to create the desired leadership and decision-making culture
  • We created a framework for team discussions and decision making called “Skillful Discussion” which ensured teams would work together to achieve appropriate solutions to difficult issues
  • Stratus designed a workshop to train teams internally and trained the Executive team using real issues
  • Stratus trained the HR team to run the workshops with internal teams

The results

  • A common language and common way of working in teams was created that supported the desired culture
  • Team communication, decision making and performance was enhanced

More information

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Team coaching & development