Executive & Individual Coaching

5 Key Areas

We bring out executives’ authentic leadership qualities – empowering them to create context for their teams, inspire them and act with authority and credibility.

With our executive coaching we’ll increase executives’ emotional intelligence to help them understand, inspire and motivate their teams and others around them.

Personal branding
We help executives build their unique brand – putting them in control of their image and impact.

Energy, focus and engagement
We re-energise and refocus executives’ productivity, creativity, motivation and engagement.

Self belief
We build executives’ self-belief. We believe it’s the cornerstone to authentic leadership – key to driving inspiring visions, bold goals and decisive action.

Whether you are an executive seeking to develop your leadership competence or seeking to source external coaches for your organisation we can assist to develop leaders to develop in these 5 key areas.

Coaching needs may occur in differing contexts – the executive may wish to explore career options, develop their leadership skill for their current or a future role or coaching may be remedial because of performance issues.

We are able to deliver successful results no matter what the context of the coaching need is.

We have a variety of tools available in our coaching toolbox to use with our clients including:

Stratus Consulting coaches provide the focus, discipline, support, challenge and inspiration to ensure leaders and aspiring leaders and executives realise their personal and professional potential.