At Stratus Consulting we offer team and individual shadowing. We shadow for a day, then feedback on approach, tendencies and traits.

How does it work?

  • Firstly, we shadow you making notes, but not interfering, on behaviour.
  • We take our notes away and provide you with a report – recapping specific situations for further discussion.
  • During a meeting we discuss our observations and their implications. We raise the awareness of the individual or team and consider how to improve their approach. This is usually part of an ongoing coaching relationship.

Why do it?

We’ve found shadowing to be a real eye-opener for clients and teams. It’s an excellent way of focusing on real events, relationships and issues in a real-time manner. Often people can talk about their issues, but this is only in the context of what they are aware of.

Shadowing opens up blind spots and gives an external perspective of how individual behaviour impacts others.

For teams it can be particularly interesting as it’s difficult for individuals to ‘see’ everything that’s going on and to understand why members got certain reactions from other team members. It can highlight themes or negative tendencies, such as skirting round issues or violently agreeing, which again are very hard to identify when you’re in the middle of it!

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