Negotiating the recruitment minefield

New Zealand Business, August 2009

There could also be what Gabrielle Young, Stratus Consulting director, describes as dramatic changes in the way those individuals connect with potential employers. Online recruitment is growing, and overseas the traditional recruitment agency model is being replaced by more innovative ways of doing the same job, she says. “I deal with a lot of people in the States and they’re doing it differently. Employers are recruiting directly, mining social networks, using alumni and sources like LinkedIn and Facebook.”

The key is a good employment brand, she says. “Everyone talks about their employer.”

The employment brand needs to be defined. “It’s not hard. Just ask questions like ‘why did you come to work here’ and ‘what’s important to make you stay’?”

And once you’ve defined the brand, use it, says Young. “Being clear about your employment brand is important for SMEs anyway. But it needs to be articulated, online and in any form of advertising an SME does for candidates.”

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