Team Development Process at The Warehouse

A Stratus Consulting case study

Summary of needs

  • A strategically important leadership team was not working effectively, resulting in poor morale, lack of engagement and confusion about strategy and plans

Stratus Consulting’s approach

  • Interviews were conducted with the leadership team and some of their direct reports to identify current barriers to team effectiveness, enablers to success and suggestions for improvement
  • A 2-day workshop was held with the leadership team commencing with feedback of the interview data and discussion of the strategic context and what it required of them. The workshop also included work on leadership team purpose, role clarity, and the development of leadership team processes to lead the function effectively
  • A follow up half day workshop was held 6 weeks later to review progress, confirm direction and on-going actions
  • A 2 day workshop was held with the full team (70 people) to engage them in the team vision and to create shared understanding about what to expect from the leadership team and what was required of them to deliver on the vision.

The results

  • The leadership team agreed their purpose, how they would operate and clarified their roles both as a leadership team and as individuals
  • The leadership team began to function as a team and were able to support each other and hold each other accountable to deliver results
  • The leadership team were clearly united and singing from the same hymn book to their staff resulting in improved employee engagement and morale
  • The wider team was energised and engaged around the vision and had a clear understanding of and took accountability and responsibility for what they needed to do to deliver the plan

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