One to One Coaching

Different coaches use different approaches and models. Stratus Consulting uses a model based on the Hudson Institute model of adult learning and the GROW Coaching model.

How does it work?

Our model is based on:

  • The active collaboration of both the client and coach.
  • The belief that the client has the answers and the job of the coach is to listen and empower, rather than inform and advise.
  • A holistic approach – coaching the ‘whole person’ – because our life out side of work can have a huge impact on our work life.
  • Providing an opportunity for individuals to let go of limitations and stand in a place of creativity and possibility.

Our coaching works by questioning preconceived ideas, uncovering limiting beliefs, improving emotional intelligence, breaking bad habits, developing powerful visions and setting practical, achievable goals.

Our coaching helps you:

  • Understand the impact your approach has on others – so you can adapt your style to improve performance.
  • Think strategically and look at problems with fresh eyes.
  • Break bad habits and change ineffective behaviour.
  • Improve personal skills including influencing, assertiveness delegation, time and conflict management.

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