Benefits of Coaching


Our clients report significant benefits through their one-to-one coaching and mentoring:

  • Greater clarity around their objectives and how to achieve them.
  • Improved leadership, communication and relationship skills.
  • Improved motivation for themselves and their team.
  • Greater ability to lead and facilitate change.
  • Ability to get beyond challenges and to optimise opportunities.
  • Reduced stress and greater levels of resilience and work life balance.
  • Increased confidence and ability to take effective action.
  • Optimised thinking, attitude, and behaviour.
  • New levels of performance and results on a personal and team level.


A Stratus Consulting coaching programme involves the following activities:

  • Assessment and gap analysis
    We clarify where the client is now and where they would like to be. We identify the baseline data we will collect, review existing business data, and gain input from the client and selected individuals.
  • Design of outcomes
    We establish measurable outcomes for the coaching programme. This process also involves establishing timeframes and measurements for success.
  • Coaching sessions
    Regular coaching sessions to work on achieving desired outcomes and any other challenges or opportunities raised by the client. Their frequency is agreed with the client.
  • Measurement and feedback
    The coaching engagement is measured and a client report identifies their progress based on their development, new behaviour and results.


Our philosophies for our coaching engagements are:

  • Partnering the client to achieve their development agenda
    We support the client to achieve their own development agenda by supporting, challenging, acting as a sounding board for them and delivering honest, objective and constructive feedback.
  • We tailor our approach to suit the client
    Each organisation and leader is unique and while we use a consistent methodology, we tailor our approach to suit the client’s individual needs.
  • Challenge
    We appreciate that executives require honest feedback and challenge to enable them to achieve even better results. We provide this in an objective and constructive way.
  • Results focus
    We are results focussed in our coaching, which means we ask a lot of clients in terms of practicing the new initiatives and behaviours they have identified during the coaching process.