Successful Change Management

Explore best practice change management models, practical tools to use to manage a change programme or process, evaluate your change efforts and identify how to improve them to ensure success.

Who the workshop is for:
This workshop is for managers, team leaders and those responsible for leading and managing a change initiative who wish to improve their skills in this area and implement change successfully.

Course format:
This highly interactive 1 day workshop includes a series of presentations, interactive exercises using your own change initiative / project and simulations.

What the workshop covers:

  • Principles of successful change management and the potential barriers/ issues that may arise during the change process
  • The 12 steps of successful change management
  • Use a model to evaluate your current change initiative and what would be required for successful implementation
  • How to manage change to ensure a change initiative is implemented successfully
  • How to assess change readiness and practice assessing change readiness with a current change initiative
  • Identify what is important for ensuring change is communicated effectively and develop a communication plan for a particular initiative
  • Understand the transition model of the human reaction to change and learn how to apply it to a change initiative to assist people to manage their way through the change process
  • Identify sources of resistance to change and strategies for addressing resistance at both an individual and organisational level
  • Identify how to ensure change is implemented successfully – this includes transition planning and ensuring the change to business as usual is done effectively.

How you will benefit:

  • Gain improved understanding of the principles of effective change management
  • Improve your ability to address the human side of change
  • Learn how to anticipate and deal with resistance to change
  • Learn how to assess change readiness
  • Learn how to construct a change management plan
  • Evaluate your current change initiative and develop plans to ensure it achieves successful implementation

Dates:  TBA

Cost:    $1000 + GST

Location: TBA

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